For all excavators in weight classes 12–19 metric tons

Генерация без аварий



Подходит для всех экскаваторов в весовой категории 1,5-2,5 тонны

Генерация без аварий


Quick hitches

Advantages of Q-Safe™

  • Designed for tiltrotator digging – the digging forces are distributed through the body of the hitch, not the hitch ram
  • The EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system connects the tiltrotator & hydraulic tools without the operator needing to leave the cab.
  • Hydraulic locking with fourfold safety:

1. Electronic surveillance detects when both attachment axles are correctly located

2. A non-return valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder from opening even if a hose ruptures or there is a pressure drop

3. Powerful, interior springs keep the hitch locked even if the electronics and hydraulics fail.

4. The unique design of the lock bolt provides additional safety as the bucket axle bottoms against the hitch side plates and cannot therefore drop out of position even if all three of the above steps should fail.

  • The bucket can only be removed when it is under positive ground pressure (in conjunction with QSC). This eliminates the risk of dropped buckets.
  • Front and rear detectors eliminate the risk of accidents caused by swinging tools
  • Q-Safe is supplied as standard with external audible and visible warning signals to alert the surrounding area
  • Play-free design with double contact surfaces compared to many other hitch systems
  • Longer hooks (shark jaws) to make picking up tools safer and easier
  • Welded high-strength steel
  • Fits all excavators in the specified weight class independent of control system
  • The hook is classified for safety in compliance with: EN ISO 12100-1/A1:2009 and EN ISO 12100-2/A1:2009
  • Q-Safe is also fitted as standard equipment under Engcon tiltrotators with hitch sizes S45-S80.

Engcon system

What is most important for you?



Engcon, centered around tilting, saves both time and fuel.



Fewer machine passes and less need for manual work increase workplace safety.



The ability of the tiltrotator to tilt and rotate makes the machine a universal tool that performs most tasks with greater accuracy.



Fewer machine movements and faster operation mean less wear on the machine.

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