Suitable for all excavators in the 4–6 metric ton weight range

Генерация без аварий



Подходит для всех экскаваторов в весовой категории 1,5-2,5 тонны

Генерация без аварий



Suitable for excavators up to 6 tonnes. Just like its big brothers, it has features that show the competition who’s boss. Its features include integrated lubrication channels that are routed to a single grease point and a 45 degree tilt angle. The EC206 is also fitted with a six-channel swivel, allowing an integrated grab and extra hydraulic functions. Load-holding valves are standard equipment.

Comes supplied with hose, quick couplings and electrical installation equipment for one machine.


  • Central lubrication (a single grease point for the entire tiltrotator; can also be connected to the excavator’s central lubrication system)
  • Load-holding valves on tilt cylinders for maximum safety
  • Hardened piston rods
  • Up to
  • 45-degree tilt angle for best access
  • Rotation ∞

Quick hitch: Standard – S40 For other purposes, we can supply most types of quick hitches available on the market. Also available with QS45 and additionally the EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system that connects the tiltrotator & hydraulic tools without the operator needing to leave the cab*

Control system: Standard – DC2 proportional control system for infinitely variable control with remote support capability, track/wheel steering and boom slew. For other purposes, we can deliver custom control systems.

Electrical system: Can be adapted for 12 or 24 volt electrical systems.

Accessory: Integrated gripper cassette

Engcon system

What is most important for you?



Engcon, centered around tilting, saves both time and fuel.



Fewer machine passes and less need for manual work increase workplace safety.



The ability of the tiltrotator to tilt and rotate makes the machine a universal tool that performs most tasks with greater accuracy.



Fewer machine movements and faster operation mean less wear on the machine.

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