How does an excavation system work?

With a GPS and a digital guidance system you have setting out details with you all the time without lasers and manual handling. GPS is often used on infrastructure jobs but is becoming all the more usual on small projects such as development and water and sewerage jobs.

GPS provides information about the machine's position to the system while the bucket's position is shown in the excavator guidance system. These values are then matched to the digital drawing and the display shows how the bucket moves in relation to the drawing. At the same time, the display provides clear information about the depth that applies to the excavation.

Measurements can thus be carried out without the need for the operator to leave the cab or wait for manual setting out. The operator is constantly able to see the depth of the cutting line regardless of bucket position. This reduces the need for laser measurement as the excavator guidance system provides the information the operator needs. Changes to settings can easily be made directly from the cab.

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