Which control system should I use?

engcon's Microprop DC2 is optimised for use with a tiltrotator. It allows all functions to be used independently as well as the individual calibration of specific attachments for up to four users. Where an excavator already has proportional controls and dual-acting hydraulic lines then these may be used as an alternative, as long as there is a discrete hydraulic service for each tiltrotator function - in other words you would require three circuits (or 6 hoses) for a standard tiltrotator - tilt, rotate and tiltrotator quickhitch. Many excavators are now 'tiltrotator-ready', which means that they may have these three circuits, in which case you can specify Control System SS0 - but remember that you may not be able to adjust the proportional controls (assuming they are installed). If you require extra functions - for example an integral gripper, or hydraulic attachments such as a compactor - then you should consider the cost of adding extra circuits to the end of the dipper against the benefits of choosing either Control System SS9, which allows you to switch between the tilt and extra functions using just two circuits, or the fully proportional SS10 and DC2 systems (DC2 uses Microprop joysticks, SS10 can be used with third-party joysticks).

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