Engcon raising the safety bar – switching entirely to its safe, proprietary quick hitch

Revolutionizing the world of digging: a case study on how the tiltrotator is a game-changer for the excavation and construction industries.

NORTH HAVEN, Connecticut—October 22, 2019—Engcon, the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotator excavating solutions, continues to focus on increasing customers’ profitability, and in the case of Green & Sons, helped them almost double their profits in one year.

“Dig where you stand” - a whole new style of running an excavator
The tiltrotator is a kind of tilting and rotating wrist for excavators with unique flexibility. It allows a bucket or any other tool to rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 45 degrees. This innovative design enables fewer machine movements, prevents wear and tear, improves operator safety, and is a more sustainable and efficient solution that uses less gasoline than traditional excavating solutions.

Beating the competition

Quentin Green of Litchfield-based Green & Sons, had been thinking about how they could diversify the business and improve cost efficiency in a market with many other bigger competitors. When he came across a video the multi-tasking power of the tiltrotator, he could see that goal becoming reality.

Interested in the potential offered by the innovative product, they went to meet Engcon North America. “We chose Engcon thanks to the good feeling we got. Engcon made us feel like family and could offer us exceptional service and that was important to us and our family business,” said Quentin Green.

The Engcon system is saving Green & Sons time and money thanks to the quick coupler, which means an operator can change tools without leaving the cab—a significant source of time and injury when using traditional excavation equipment. For their Volvo EC160, Green & Sons bought the entire Engcon system, including a quick coupler, tiltrotator, ergonomic joysticks and control system. On top of that, they also got the EC-Oil, the automatic, hydraulic connection quick coupler system that now is Engcon’s standard.

Green & Sons was also impressed by the quality and design of the Engcon buckets. “I was worried about them being durable enough, managing our conditions in Connecticut with rocky ground, lifting heavy stones and the tough challenges we put them through. But I’m impressed,” he said.

“Engcon has helped us grow and take on bigger jobs with the same number of people. Many jobs would be impossible for us to execute if we did not have Engcon tiltrotator system. We’ve almost doubled in size in one year,” said Green. “I didn't think we would invest in our second Engcon tiltrotator within a year. But already, after three months, the first one had saved us so much time and paid its own investment. So, we just bought our second one and I don’t think we’ll ever buy an excavator without having an Engcon tiltrotator attached to it.”

Since their introduction in the beginning of the 1990's, Engcon a $90 million Swedish firm, has been manufacturing and selling its tiltrotators globally. Engcon North America is responsible for the North American market, engaging with customers who can benefit from Engcon’s advanced technology.

"With Engcon’s North American headquarters based in Connecticut, we are acutely aware of the industry challenges facing the North American region,” said Director of Sales for Engcon North America, Joanna Tomczyk. “The Associated General Contractors of America released its analysis of Labor Department data on employment in the construction industry earlier this fall, and there are concerns about a workforce shortage in the construction industry. Engcon’s tiltroator solutions have never been more relevant as construction and excavating specialists focus on doing more with less—and Engcon tiltrotators not only help with efficiency and profitability, but they also increase safety.” 

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