Non Accident Generation – for a safer working environment

Through the “Non Accident Generation” the engcon Group is increasing focus on safety at the work place. Every product from engcon that is branded “Non Accident Generation” sets a new safety standard and is designed and constructed to create a safer workplace.

Change task quickly and safely

engcon offers the market’s widest programme of quick hitch locks. The choice is yours – choose from everything from a mechanical lock to our latest, safest Q-Safe™ quick-hitch locking system. Q-Safe additional options include the EC-Oil™ that automatically connects electrical and hydraulic systems directly from the cab.


  • Hydraulic locking with triple safety:
    1. Electronic surveillance detects when both axles are in contact.
    2. A non-return valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder from opening even if a hose ruptures or there is a pressure drop.
    3. Powerful, exterior springs keep the hitch locked even if the electronics and hydraulics fail.
  • The tool can only be removed when it is resting on the ground at a given pressure (option).
  • Front and rear locks eliminate the risk of accidents caused by swinging tools and attachments.
  • Longer ”shark jaws” for easier and safer picking up of tools.
  • The hook is safety-classed in compliance with EN ISO 12100-1/A1:2009 and EN ISO 12100-2/A1:2009.
  • Q-Safe is supplied as standard with external audible and visible warning signals to alert the surrounding area.
Rotate as you want to – tilt up to 45°

If the tilt function is not needed, a rotator goes a long way. engcon’s rotators fit all excavators and backhoes, and offer unhindered rotation. The rotator is supplied with hose, quick couplings and electrical installation equipment. You choose the control system to suit your needs and the scope of the machine.

The tilt attachment gives machines not requiring a rotator function the ability to tilt all kinds of bucket and tools by plus/minus 45 degrees. A powerful and cost-efficient alternative, adaptable to all types of excavator.

  • All tilt hitches, regardless of control system, are prepared for tilt cylinder load bearing valves. 
  • All tiltrotators are fitted with tight hose protection that prevents oil from spraying out, for example in the event of a hose breach.
  • All tool hitches on rotators and tilt hitches have double safety features in that there is a hose breach valve and springs that activate the locking wedges in the event of a hose breach or other situation causing the system to depressurise.
  • All rotators and tilt hitches will be successively delivered with Q-Safe tool hitches, with or without EC-Oil, from autumn 2013.
Refined tools

engcon offers a broad range of hydraulic tools for your excavator. The tools are designed for maximum durability and are specially adapted to function together with engcon’s tiltrotators and quick hitch connectors. Naturally the tools can be fitted with EC-Oil™ for fast tool changes directly from the cab. 

Sorting and handling grab

  • Load valve and pressure accumulator retain the grab power for a long time and ensure safe lifting (SK).

  • Meets European safety standards prevents incorrect handling.

Ground vibrators/compactor plates

  • Meets European safety standards.
Tiltrotator – for maximum safety

Since their introduction in the beginning of the 1990's engcon’s tiltrotators have revolutionised excavator capabilities, and have provided increased flexibility and better economy. It is equally important that the tiltrotator makes the workplace safer. The tiltrotator increases safety due to fewer machine movements and that the need of manual work at the site is reduced. engcon’s constant development efforts continue to make work more efficient and safer. engcon’s tiltrotators can be adapted to the majority of excavators and tractors on the market with machine weights of 1.5–32 tons.

  • EC02 and EC05, regardless of control system are fitted with load bearing valves on the tilt cylinder. This is because they only have one tilt cylinder and in the event of, for example, a hose breach no other cylinder remains to function as a “brake”. 
  • Other models: EC209, EC10, EC15, EC219, EC20, EC2226, EC30 are standard-fitted with load-bearing valves (2 per cylinder) on models with the SS9 (4-hose) system and other models are prepared for fitting load-bearing valves.
  • All tiltrotators are fitted with tight hose protection that prevents oil from spraying out, for example in the event of a hose breach.
  • All model RF, S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70 and S80 quick couplers have double-safety features in that there is a hose breach valve and springs that activates the locking wedges in the event of a hose breach or other situation causing the system to depressurise.
  • All tiltrotators will be successively delivered with Q-Safe™, with or without EC-Oil, from autumn 2013.
QSC – Quick Hitch Standard Control

No one would come up with the idea of switching the placement of the gas and brake pedals in a car, as it would be directly lethal. Today, quick hitch controls, on the world’s excavators, are completely different depending on the make, model and market. With QSC, Quick Hitch Standard Control, engcon sets a completely new standard. With QSC, we put the controls for the excavator’s and the tiltrotator’s quick hitches on one and the same panel that is always mounted in the same place in the cab, on the right hand side, diagonally in front of the operator, regardless of the excavator’s make or model. The panel works with all types and makes of quick hitches and excavators*; QSC gives the operator a control with standardized placement and maneuvering of the hitches’ lock functions.

Independent control system

QSC is a completely independent control system for the excavator's or tiltrotator's quick hitch and replaces the excavator's built-in coupler lock system.
The system has its own keypad with a button to activate the excavator's quick hitch and one button to activate the tiltrotator's quick hitch. The lock buttons on the panel are clearly marked with easily recognizable symbols. This means that the operator always recognizes and uses the same method, regardless of the excavator’s or the quick hitch's make.

engcon takes responsibility

With the quick hitch locking system, QSC, engcon takes another step forward in their continuous safety efforts. A system that minimizes the risk of activating the wrong button or function when releasing the excavator’s bucket or other tools.

* QSC combined with the Q-Safe quick hitch, provides full functionality

  • Slew and/or lift restriction, as well as sound & light alerts – with an incorrectly coupled bucket.
  • Sound and light alerts - with an incorrectly coupled bucket.
  • Ground pressure function - where a bucket or other tool must have ground contact to be able to be detached from the quick hitch. Other types of quick hitches only come with the ground pressure function.


  • Controls both the machine’s and the tiltrotator’s quick hitch with a single control panel.
  • Standardizes all lock functions.
  • Compatible with all excavators, regardless of make or model.
  • Also compatible with quick hitches of other makes *
  • Optimized for Q-Safe quick hitches that delivers more safety functions:
    + Slew and/or lift limiting function
    + Sound and light alerts
    + Ground pressure function
The market’s safest control system

DC2 meets the new safety standard ISO 13849-1 which places high demands on all components in a control system, such as hydraulics, electronics and software. Together with engcon’s tiltrotators and Q-Safe™ the DC2 creates a safer and more secure working environment.


  • The Microprop DC2 control system meets all current and known future safety requirements.
Grab the situation safely

Sometimes you need a helping hand at work. engcon’s integrated grabs in high-tensile strength steel give you the perfect workmate for heavy objects, such as posts, manhole covers and curbstones. Check valves in each grab cylinder increase your workplace safety.

A new grab for railway – GR20RR (Grab 20 Rail Road) is a powerful integrated grab. This has been specially developed for tough environments synonymous with railway works, with heavy rail sections to be pulled and lifted by excavators.

  • All tiltrotators with the SS9 control system (4-hose) that have an integrated grab have a so-called ‘dump valve’ that prevents any possible pressure surge when changing direction and thereby preventing the risk of unwanted opening of the grab.
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